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Paving Streets Uniting Fulton

Cool update from Spacecat in Fulton!

If you’ve driven by Fulton or live close to the area you may noticed that they have started repaving street in Fulton since last month. Lots of heavy machinery, grinding, surface removal, road closures and redirection. Signs are up in places for towing also.

Most of the neighborhood has been paved on both sides of Williamsburg Rd., and Williamsburg Rd itself has been paved from Hatcher (near Triple Crossing Brewery) to the Richmond/Henrico line. Government Rd hasn’t been touched unfortunately, but it’s a project that has been overdue, and the results are quite nice. Everyone has had to juggle parking spaces, and there have been road closures during the daytime hours, but it’s definitely been worth it. I think they’re in their final week of the project, and might have finished earlier had there not been a few rain delays.

Take a drive up here one of these days, it’s a significant improvement to the neighborhood.

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Mr. Marvin Martin
Mr. Marvin Martin
11 months ago

Please be advised: The Public Works/ Contractor came in to my neighbor, week of November the 4th, in the 1300 block of Ashley Street to repave/asphalt my street when I saw no reason to redo this again! I truly wish someone would come out and see the horrible poor job they did! They left Clumps of Asphalt in front of my house and neighbors house, asphalt all against the curb side. smeared down the curb way, very poor work they did, and disgusting! This looks horrible and very unprofessional of the sloppy work they did, and someone need to come… Read more »

Church Hill People's News
Church Hill People's News
11 months ago

Mr. Martin, we’ll do a drive by and take some pictures. We’ll email this to our contact for DPW.

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