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VPM Launches Artober Appropriate “The Art Scene”

It is Artober in Virginia, and VPM is ready. The local public media organization premiered its newest series, “The Art Scene,” on October 10 on VPM PBS.

VPM celebrated last week with a premiere event at Studio 23 to introduce the public to the new program. Highlighting artists from the Richmond area, the first episode featured the works of Hamilton Glass. Glass is a muralist, who completed a gorgeous piece in Church Hill in 2018 at Richmond Cycling Corps. 

A co-production of VPM and 19RED, “The Art Scene” spotlights unique personalities and organizations comprising Virginia’s art scene.

Over the course of 13 episodes, the series will offer an inside look at local theatres, galleries, studios, concert halls and arts education groups.

Managing Producer Pam Hervey stated, “Our mission with ‘The Art Scene’ is to capture the true spirit of these creative communities in our stories and help make their art accessible to all.”

Helping to facilitate this accessibility are the show’s four hosts – Haliya Roberts, Bianca Bryan, Noah Scalin and Douglas Powell, aka Roscoe Burnems. Both Roberts and Bryan have theatre backgrounds. Scalin is a visual artist. Burnems is a performer, a master of slam poetry.

Host Roscoe Burnems, who will be presenting the Live One Man Show Traumedy this Sunday at The Hof’s Dark Room, said:

“The Art Scene is a necessary, informative, and entertaining program that is sure to strengthen the art community of Central Virginia.  I’m so excited to be a part of such groundbreaking work with VPM!”

Roscoe Burnems, get tickets to his show here

“At VPM, we are focused on telling the stories that matter,”

Steve Humble, Chief Content Officer

When we asked another of The Art Scene’s hosts Haliya Roberts how she was feeling at the premiere she said; 

” I am most excited about giving people access to information about all of the different artistic endeavors they can experience and be inspired by. I grew up watching PBS, and remember being so inspired and moved by shows like “The Joy of Painting” with Boss Ross. I am excited to be a part of a program that is bringing that to a new generation here in Richmond, that may not have access to it through other means” 


Watch the “The Art Scene” Thursday’s at 8:30 p.m. on VPM PBS.

And you can check out the preview here!

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