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New Library Program Needs Your Old Stuff!

We’ve all been there: you flip the switch on your vacuum, and nothing happens. Silence. Your heart sinks; you check the outlet, look at the brush or the end of the hose and check for a stray Lego blocking the suction, but no luck. It’s time to decide: new vacuum or grab some tools and dig into your appliance like an amateur trying a high wire act.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a place to practice first? A place where you could open up a vacuum, an alarm clock, or other items without it being such a high stakes game? Now you can! The East End Branch Library is starting a new class next Friday called “What Makes It Work?” and they need YOUR old stuff. They will have some basic screwdrivers and other tools, but need a few donations for people to “practice” on. And of course, you can also join them and take apart your old things!

The Library’s wish list includes old vacuum cleaners (for the workshop at 4pm-6pm on Friday, September 27) and old alarm clocks for a session in late October. So if you have that old vacuum in the attic or basement that you know you won’t use again, please drop it off at the East End Branch Library on 25th Street, and they will give it new life – or let its legacy live on in the name of science.

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Dora Callahan
Dora Callahan
11 months ago

The #39 could run on Sundays on Saturday schedule. Also, the #13 route could more accessible to VCU hospital instead of wasting time waiting on the Pulse.

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