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Request for Comment: 3316 O Street

By J. David Conmy – Church Hill Civic Association

Mr. Richard Espaillat, a Church Hill resident, recently contacted the Church Hill Civic Association about soliciting feedback on a potential development. He has not formally filed an application with the City for the project. However, Mr. Espaillat requests comments on this matter before the association’s next meeting on October 7th.

Neighbors, do your best to email him directly (his email address is provided below) with your feedback. 

Here is a description of his proposal:

I am a new resident of Church Hill having just moved into the 900 block of Chimborazo BLVD last month. The reason for my email is that I am interested in purchasing a property at 3316 O Street and obtaining a special use permit (SUP) through the city’s zoning office.

If you google street view (or walk/drive by) this property you can see that the structure was designed to be a duplex but for some reason or another the owner(s) have never applied for a SUP. Currently the property is being used as an AirBnB on the top floor while the bottom floor is sealed up and filled with junk.

My intentions are to rehab the entire structure, apply for the SUP, and convert what is now a single family residence into two units which can each be rented. 

I understand that part of the process to get an approved SUP is to receive the blessing of the local civic association. Therefore, I would like to speak with someone about this project and how it would be beneficial to the neighborhood to fix up this property and use it to its full potential.

If you have feedback on this proposal that you would like to share with him, please email him directly at: Because this matter is time sensitive, the association encourages you to email him within the next week.

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Mark A. Olinger
Mark A. Olinger
1 year ago

He really needs to talk to Zoning to get entire picture…

1 year ago

I’ve always thought there was something cute about this place / that it could be nice if fixed up. But I’m not really sure what makes it appealing or what could make it more appealing.

I’d second the previous comment – may be hard to get permits and so forth if it’s not a legally conforming duplex. But my experience has been that if it was legal when it was built/if it predates zoning, it’s fairly straightforward to get an SUP to continue or reinstate the nonconforming use.

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