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Shockoe Small Area Plan : Voice Your Opinion

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Massimo Biasuzzi
Massimo Biasuzzi 07/16/2019 at 11:00 AM

I don’t know if I can make this, but please someone ask about creating a free parking garage just like the one they have in Cary town, so that you can have people come for whatever event may be going on in the new square. You gotta make it easy for people to come to the city.

Church Hill People
Church Hill People's News 07/16/2019 at 1:34 PM

Massimo Biasuzzi will pass that along!

Massimo Biasuzzi
Massimo Biasuzzi 07/16/2019 at 1:35 PM

Church Hill People’s News thanks

Liz 07/16/2019 at 8:49 PM

Agreed!! I live in Church Hill but get my hair cut in Carytown. That parking garage is great! Not that big but big enough!!


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