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Safe Exchange Zones – Selling & Buying To/From Strangers

A cool thing that I wasn’t aware of (though I think we’ve covered this previously) are safe exchange zones. The original for sale by owner that you would see in the newspaper has been supercharged with technology. It’s now a relatively simple matter to find almost anything on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace.

If you don’t know about these marketplaces they’re local listings of items people are looking to sell or give away for free. You then agree on the terms online and meet in person to exchange money/items. As you can imagine buying something from someone, a complete stranger, comes with its own risks. Earlier this year there was a story of a man that was killed while trying to sell a cell phone.

In an effort to make these exchanges safer Richmond City & VCU have set up safe zones. The Richmond City safe exchange zones are next to the second & fourth precinct police stations. The VCU Safe Zone is at VCU police headquarters.

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