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CAR Meeting with Several East End Projects on the Agenda

Here at CHPN we always encourage citizens to be an active part of the decisions that are being made to guide our communities. With that in mind there is a C.A.R. (Commission of Architectural Review) meeting tonight that has quite a lot of east end projects on the agenda.

  • What: CAR Meeting – Open to Public
  • When: June 25th @ 3:30 PM
  • Where: 5th Floor Conference Room of City Hall (900 East Broad St, Richmond, VA)

***Please Note*** Public comment on cases brought before the CAR will be heard after the applicant’s explanatory remarks of the case and before CAR deliberation. Applicants and individuals wishing to comment on specific aspects of a given case are asked to briefly address issues related to the application.

Download (PDF, 83KB)

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Brett Feinstein
Brett Feinstein 06/25/2019 at 1:10 PM

Well, if they owned the land and the zoning were right, guess they get to build the 500 car garage.

Chloe Rote
Chloe Rote 06/25/2019 at 1:57 PM

Before this devolves: I’m fairly certain there are neither the zoning nor the parcel size for a 500 car lot anywhere in the area commonly referred to as Church Hill.

Brett Feinstein
Brett Feinstein 06/25/2019 at 4:01 PM

I think that’s true.

Rachel Woolwine Davis
Rachel Woolwine Davis 06/25/2019 at 1:15 PM

Union Hill Neighbors, where did the Cedar project go?

Brett Feinstein
Brett Feinstein 06/25/2019 at 1:16 PM

Also glad to see someone wanting to clean up the red commercial building near Union Market that’s blighted with graffiti.

Liv Glavé
Liv Glavé 06/25/2019 at 2:27 PM

so relieved to be moving out of here!

crd 06/26/2019 at 10:52 AM

I have no clue what you folks are talking about with a 500 car garage. Are all these comments coming from the Facebook version of CHPN? I don’t read that, so maybe that is where the 500 car garage comes in. I can assure you it is not on the agenda for the CAR meeting that was yesterday.

In addition, I was trying to find out what caused the horrendous traffic jam earlier this morning down in the bottom, but CHPN does not appear to have covered it.

Liz 06/26/2019 at 1:23 PM

Yes, the 500 car garage was stated on Facebook as a “what if.” I thought Facebook comments were not going to cross over onto this site – it is very confusing. And there was a hit and run last night about 2:00 am with a fatality thus the closure of Main Street.

Gustavo 06/26/2019 at 5:11 PM

@Liz, the comment plug in is in the works. There’ll be two systems, one where you can use your social media account and one where you’ll use the regular system. You’ll also be able to subscribe to the conversation you’re discussing, upvote and downvote comments and hopefully, we’ll have a new volunteer moderator to encourage conversation and manage the comments. It takes time to develop these things, but thanks for the reminders.

crd 06/26/2019 at 6:09 PM

Thank you to both Liz and Gustavo, I was totally puzzled over that garage. I’m on a laptop, not on Facebook, and was reading the actual CAR agenda. And I agree with Liz, the Facebook crossover is confusing.


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