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Some love to our RPS teachers

RPS Superintendent Jason Kamras shares two stories

I want to thank our amazing teachers for the love and dedication they bring to our students every year. Ninety-nine percent of the time, our teachers’ extraordinary gestures of kindness and support go unnoticed. Every once in a while, though, the word spreads. We had two such cases over the last couple of weeks that bear repeating.

First up is Mr. Dunham, a fifth grade teacher at Carver ES. The morning of the Carver 5th grade Moving On (graduation) ceremony, Mr. Dunham had a feeling that some of his students might need a helping hand.

So he put his hair clippers in his bag and brought them to school. Sure enough, a number of the young men in his class who said they were going to get haircuts the previous afternoon weren’t able to. So Mr. Dunham pulled out his clippers and opened up an impromptu barber shop in his classroom. Students from around the school started flocking to his classroom to get their hair cut. I don’t know about you, but I always feel a little better after getting my hair cut. I’m certain these young men did as well. Please join me in thanking Mr. Dunham for this small act of kindness – he represents the very best of RPS! And please take a moment to watch this great story about him!

Second is Mr. Lewis, a substitute teacher at George Mason ES. As with Mr. Dunham, Mr. Lewis jumped in to make the 5th grade Moving On ceremony a success. He noticed that one of his 5th graders had a shoe that was falling apart.

School staff searched for supplies to help fix the shoe, but they came up short. When Mr. Lewis realized he wore the same size as the student, he literally took the shoes off his feet and offered them to the young man. The 5th grader was elated and proudly participated in the ceremony. Please join me in thanking Mr. Lewis for this simple act of love and take a minute to watch this coverage of him. Like Mr. Dunham, he represents everything we stand for at RPS! I also want to give a shout-out to Catherine Gholson, one of Mr. Lewis’s colleagues at Mason ES. She snapped the picture below and alerted me to what he did. Thank you, Ms. Gholson!

The actions taken by Mr. Dunham and Mr. Lewis represent the thousands of small (and large) things our teachers and support staff do every day to care for our students. On behalf of RPS, I want to convey my deepest gratitude to Mr. Dunham, Mr. Lewis, and all of our educators. We wish you a happy and peaceful summer!

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RPS Alum
RPS Alum
1 year ago

Much love brothas! Keep up the great work!

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