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When we come back, CHPN will be different.

You’ve probably noticed that there’s been a dearth of activity lately on the website despite a bunch of things happening. It is not lost with us that we are not updating this site as often as we should be or moderating the comments like we usually do. This is because, this is probably the last week the website will look as you have known it since 2011.

This week, the design studio that we’ve been working with, Red Orange, is going to be migrating 10+ years of content onto the new format. They have asked us not to post anything new until the migration is ready. We HOPE the content move will be done with 48 hours if all goes as planned.

However, after that, we’ll have a lot of testing and we’ll be working to get the new pieces up and running. So, excuse the dust, as we do a remodel of the site and transition over the next couple of weeks.

While we know it’s impossible to please everyone, we’ve worked hard to get community opinions and input into the new site and we hope you like it as much as we do. There will be some new sections, new contributors, and most of all an updated layout.

With that being said this doesn’t mean we won’t be up to date with new stories as they come along during the transition. So here’s a little update for the week:

RVA East End Festival

The RVA East End Festival 2019 will celebrate music, arts, food and fun on Saturday, June 8 starting at Noon and closing with the Richmond Symphony performance at 7 pm, and Sunday, June 9 from 1-5 pm. This year, the Festival is returning to Chimborazo Park, 3215 E. Broad Street, and will be part of the Big Tent Community Festival program of the Richmond Symphony.  

Read the Press Release here:

Union Market’s Community Give Back Night to Support the East End Library

Union Market is holding one of their phenomenal Community Give Back Nights on May 29, 2019, and will be donating a portion of their profits to the Richmond Public Library Foundation. We are thrilled to be working with them and so grateful that they have chosen us to be their target of generosity. Here’s what we need YOU to do:

1.) Go to Union Market (2306 Jefferson Ave., Richmond VA 23223) between 4pm and 10pm

2.) Have a good time, maybe bring some friends, and definitely bring a book!

3.) Support both your local business community and the East End Branch Library, all while having a fun night out.So easy to do! We hope to see you there tomorrow, and don’t worry – the regular East End Branch Library Newsletter will be coming out as scheduled later this week.

Cleanup Opportunity in Jefferson Park

Join us for a sweep of the park. We always need hands willing to pick up trash, gather sticks, or rake. Meet us at the park house for pickers and bags. Bring garden tools to share. Do what you can. Stay as long as you want. We appreciate all volunteers. Let’s make Jefferson Park pretty in time for summer. Bonus points for any and all mulch hookups. The exercise equipment areas and trees are in dire need of mulch.

Crab Cake Week

Save the date for Richmond’s first ever Crab Cake Week! First week of June until June 9th. Participating restaurants in Richmond will be donating 10% of their crab cake sales back to the Alliance in Celebration of Chesapeake Bay Awareness Week.

There’s so many other stories: the tree that was saved by the community, Planned Parenthood started to build their new office on the 25th St corridor, Mike and Maddy’s now has dinner hours, Riverbend Coffee is replacing Buzzy’s (and we’ve been in contact with the owners!), Kahlo’s Taqueria and the new Yoga Studio!

All of these will be handled. Give us some time to catch up, this resource will get back to its roots of all news, all East End.

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Happy New Year from the CHPN Team


Sorry for the slowdown

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1 year ago

Wow this will take some getting used to but I certainly can appreciate the work and thought that went into designing this new website! I’m glad to see you back up and running! I have missed my CHPN!

jean mcdaniel
jean mcdaniel
1 year ago

The Church Hill Association has become extremely surreptitious in the last two years. An agenda for meetings is not published and it is impossible to get minuets to read.The prevailing attitude is if you don’t pay to be a member, you have no right to know what is going on. Could you please start publishing munuets of meetings and committies on CHPN.

1 year ago

As to the Church Hill Association, that is a different organization from this website. Also, the agenda is sent via email to dues paying members in advance of meetings. Minutes are available at the website, Also minutes of some committee meetings are published in the hard copy newsletter.

jean mcdaniel
jean mcdaniel
1 year ago

The new site needs a little work. There is no way to contact anyone at CHPN. When I click on the submit a story, I get a “404 default”. When I signed up for e mail notices, I get a reference to John Murden. Although I have checked save my name, email in this browser for the next time I comment, the system does not save it. Maybe a tutioritoral on the new web site would help….for those of us that aren’t all that computer literate.

Church Hill People's News
Church Hill People's News
1 year ago
Reply to  jean mcdaniel

@jean this is excellent feedback! We’re going to get this resolved and the video tutorials are in production right now.

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