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Happy Earth Day!

What is Earth Day?

Earth Day is one day out of the year where you can celebrate and demonstrate your support for environmental protection. Whether that means picking up trash in your neighborhood to cleaning your local parks or planting some flowers or a tree. Maybe you want to commit to recycling. Whatever it means to you, it’s a day to also be aware of your impact and footprint.

For example, here at CHPN we are going to make a commitment to reuse our plastic dish containers from our delicious lunches at Soul N’ Vinegar. Turns out that if you return 10 of them, you get something free. (Wow, I really should look up the details but sorry, just getting back into the swing of things!)

This is a good day to be aware of your impact to the environment. Pick up that litter as you walk down the sidewalk, commit to reusing your plastic containers, or maybe even take a stroll and breathe all the pollen. Just celebrate this planet- it’s the only one we’ve got.

What can I do locally?

Earth Day of Service

Get your hands dirty and make a difference in your community this Earth Day! Join the Enrichmond Foundation for an Earth Day of Service on Saturday, April 27th. For our 26th year, we’re calling for neighbors all over Richmond to volunteer in their communities in our biggest Day of Service yet! This local event will be in Shockoe Hill and Chimborazo Park!

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Kelly O'Rourke
Kelly O'Rourke
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