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Richmond Story House offers free Elizabeth Van Lew walking tour this weekend

The Richmond Story House is excited to bring you a free weekend our Elizabeth Van Lew walking tour: this April 6-7, in celebration of the end of the Civil War.

Download the audio tour (complete with narration and music by local artists) and take it on your own time – by yourself or with a friend!
Elizabeth Van Lew’s legacy looms large in Civil War history, but never before have you been able to experience her story in such an impactful way – while walking her own Church Hill neighborhood. The tour starts and ends at the historic St. John’s Church on Broad Street, and will take guide you over two miles of historic markers significant in the life of Van Lew. You’ll also learn about Richmond’s participation in the slave trade and what life was like here during the Civil War.

Driving directions are provided for those with limited mobility. Take the tour and find more information at We’re so excited to share this with you, our Church Hill neighbors!

“I just completed the Elizabeth Van Lew walking tour and cannot express to you how impressed I was with this unique format for learning Richmond history and being able to put into larger perceptual concepts and also in the context of modern locations. I was so touched by the story of this brave woman and the narration was engaging and perfectly timed with my walking pace. Directions were clear and I appreciated the sidebars about larger Richmond history, as well.” – Maureen

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Casey Heatherley
Casey Heatherley
1 year ago

Brian J Bosworth Ernesto Ortiz you guys wanna do this this weekend???

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