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Virginia’s Public Radio Asks: What makes for a good public transportation?

This is the original article, with a response from RVA Rapid Transit:

Mallory Noe-Payne at WVTF has a new story up about our regional public transportation system and asks Who is Public Transportation For?. If you asked me, I’d argue it’s for folks trying to get to work—especially those who can’t afford a car or can no longer drive.

If you then asked me how I’d measure whether or not a person had access to useful public transportation, I’d talk to you about a lot of things—frequency, span, land use, and proximity to a bus stop. All of those things matter, and, often, we only talk about the very last one.

Consider, do you have access to useful public transportation if:

Your bus only comes once an hour so you must leave your house two hours ahead of your shift or risk being late?

You work nights but your bus stops running at 7:00 PM?

Your bus route stops at the county line, two miles from your job, forcing you to walk the rest of the way?

Your neighborhood lacks the sidewalks necessary to safely walk to the bus stop with your family?

The short walk to your bus stop involves crossing a major highway without a safe pedestrian crossing?

The nearest bus stops is a mile from your house?

I’d say if any of those are true, no, you do not have access to useful public transportation.

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