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Upcoming Richmond 300 Meetings

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Advisory Council Meeting Tomorrow

The Advisory Council is meeting tomorrow, March 13, 2019 at 4:00 PM in the Gellman Room on the 1st floor of the Main Library (101 E. Franklin Street). All Advisory Council meetings are open to the public. The meeting agenda and materials are available at

Please note that the Advisory Council will not meet in April 2019. The next Advisory Council meeting is May 8, 2019 at 4 P.M. at the Main Library (101 E. Franklin St).
Richmond 300 Working Groups Update

Thank you to all who volunteered to join a Richmond 300 Working Group! If you completed the Richmond 300 Working Group Interest Form, staff will be reaching out to you by the end of this week with details about the working group meetings and your pre-meeting homework. Please note that all Working Group meetings will be open to the public and meeting materials will be posted online at

Upcoming Dates: 
March 20, 4-7 PM Land Use Working Group Meeting #1 (Main Library, 101 E. Franklin St)
April 17, 4-7 PM Land Use Working Group Meeting #2 (Main Library, 101 E. Franklin St)
April 23, 4-7 PM Transportation Working Group Meeting #1 (Studio Two Three, 3300 W. Clay St)
April 24, 4-7 PM Housing Working Group Meeting #1 (Location TBD)
April 25, 4-7 PM Economic Development Group Meeting #1 (Dominion Payroll, 3220 Rockbridge St #300)
Richmond 300 Working Groups Details
What We Have Heard 

Our first round of public engagement in September and October focused on obtaining the community’s input on the vision for the future of Richmond and the big ideas to achieve this vision which will be used to develop the vision and goals for Richmond 300. We read all 6,000+ big ideas and almost 1,000 vision statements and summarized them in the revised Community Consultation #1 Report which also provides details about who participated at our open houses and through our online survey. Take a look at this report to see who shared input with us and what they said. 
Learn More about the Community Consultations

If you ever have any questions about the Richmond 300 process, call us at 804-646-6348 or email

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SA Chaplin
SA Chaplin
1 year ago

Mayor Stoney arrived late, left early, and in-between told his vision for Richmond in the year 2037. Mr. Stoney’s narrative was of a single mom with two children living with her “fiancé.” Per Mr. Stoney, this modern, hypothetical “family” could all utilize public transit to shop and get to work. Unfortunately, Mr. Stoney’s narrative was not particularly helpful in setting any meaningful or specific goals for Richmond’s future. By the way, Mr. Stoney never mentioned whether the fiancé was the children’s father, whether the fiancé had given the mother a ring or had set a wedding date. To me, those… Read more »

1 year ago

Stoney is using Richmond as a stepping stone. Unfortunately, he has to prove he actually did something if he wants to tout successes on a larger path. Right now, he is doing nothing but pissing people off.

1 year ago

Hi no 1 I am judgmental. That is how I decide

1 year ago

A good standard is addressed by the 2 comments on Richmond… 2037. Catering to business should never be a mayor’s focus.

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