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What’s going on with the RPS budget?

Said Richmond Education Association Vice President Bradley Mock: “What we need is a fully-funded school system, and a School Board that isn’t afraid of a needs-based budget. We need the leadership in Richmond Public Schools to be transparent about those needs, and about what the plan is to address them.”

Kristin Reed, a professor at Virginia Commonwealth University and an education advocate, called the lack of transparency ‘heartbreaking.’

‘In January, 4,000 parents and teachers marched in Richmond in support of fully funded schools, which requires community input and transparency,’ she said. ‘Despite that clear public mandate, our School Board has approved a highly secretive document with substantial cuts to staff, supplies, and programming.'”

Gretchen Ross from ABC 8 reports:

After weeks of debate and even a vote delay last week, the Richmond School Board voted 6-3 on Monday to send a two-year budget plan to Richmond Mayor Levar M. Stoney for approval.

Despite plans to vote on Feb. 19, the school board postponed the vote and decided to schedule a meeting for Monday to further discuss budget proposals for RPS.

The budget proposal has brought up several questions for teachers: how many people will lose their jobs? What departments will see the biggest impact?   

Read the story here.

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Wesley Johns Home owner 03/10/2019 at 6:57 PM

Ok, so the budget for schools need funds , take the tax gift packages for all old and new projects around the city . Did we really need a brewery and city funded restruant…NO this is tax dollar waist. everyone loves beer so much put a new alc. tax on everything sold in Richmond …. but no The city wants to over tax real home owners who worked hard to own their homes , did without to pay our homes off , so … make the senior home owners loose their homes … believe me miss a home tax payment or late and the city fly’s to send threats of forclosier . Does the mayor own a home , did he skip vacations to pay off his home ? I bet not .. he talks of tax hike with big smile and smirk .. but we know what and who he stands for … the pay backs.


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