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Outside of Church Hill: Rage RVA

RVA Mag recently featured this story:

“Everyone has things in their life that they deal with, and sometimes, people need a way to release the emotions they’re feeling. The Rage Room is a safe outlet for that,” said Cline. “Even as adults, we can’t act on some of our emotions at the time we experience them. I believe that RageRVA gives people a safe place to go, where they can let it all out without judgement.”

At Rage, you can pick from tools such as hammers, crowbars, and baseball bats, which you can use to smash an incredible amount of plates, as well as printers, office grade copiers, and TVs.

“People seem to really love breaking the plates and cups,” said Cline. “Many customers have said that the sound that a plate or cup makes when it hits the floor or wall is the best part of their session, and the reason they add on crates full of them.”

And as far as what they smash things with? “People tend to go for the baseball bats.”

Rage RVA

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