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Jefferson Avenue Task Force Update

Dear Union Hill Neighbors, 

The Jefferson Avenue Task Force is happy to share with you and welcome your feedback on the city’s latest plans for the redesign of Jefferson Avenue (see below). 

Please send any comments or questions to the Task Force via Mary Field at and Ed Fendley at by Monday, January 28.

The Union Hill Civic Association, along with the Church Hill Association and other local groups, have advocated for a safer and greener Jefferson Avenue. 

Through the efforts of our Council Representative, Cynthia Newbille, the city has allocated $500,000 as an initial investment for street and sidewalk improvements, with an initial focus on the area near the intersection of Jefferson Avenue and 24th Street

According to city staff, construction of this phase of the project could begin later this year. 

Thank you for your consideration and support!

-From your neighbors with the Jefferson Avenue Task Force 

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Alex Goodmundson
Alex Goodmundson
1 year ago

Seems like that exact area already got a huge make over they just forgot the street markings. There was just a bunch of street remarked to one way and three round-about added in that exact spot. A little counter productive is my first reaction! How about 25 th st from M all the way to nine mile or mosby from cedar all the way to Leigh’s st. via duct.

Alex Goodmundson
Alex Goodmundson
1 year ago

Sidewalks in Churchill are treacherous for toddlers and elders tho! Those brick stick up two inches or are missing, you know if you got to run for your life your best bet is run down the street and dodge the pot holes instead.

1 year ago

This is part of a larger EPA initiative. If anyone is interested in the initiative, please check this out here:

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