Noisy Neighbors (and Nameless Communities)

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Sometimes we’re asked to share with the community with the intention to facilitate change or at least engage in discussion. This time, we had a reader share with us about his concern over a popular spot in Jefferson Park.

Dear Church Hill People’s News:

Would you please write an article about noise disturbances from cars in our area? It is very disruptive and keeps us on edge. UPS and Amazon delivered Packages are stolen from our front porch and we wish local police would give some attention to Union Park as well as criminal activity with noise activity disturbing the peace.

— ∮∮∮ —

When our family first moved to Richmond, we lived right beside a fella that loved his car stereo system so much that he would play heavy bass for the entire block after he came home from work. The walls would rattle, the cats would scatter and, if it was a good song, we’d bop to it. Despite the fun, at times it felt inconsiderate. We didn’t escalate it. We talked to him and had a conversation. It didn’t quite stop the issue, but at least when the music would play at later hours in the day all we’d do is wave and he’d stop.

Now, our issue never got violent or potentially unsafe. For that, we were blessed. Sometimes there are legitimate reasons (as you may feel from the letter below) but as the neighborhood grows, do you find that you know your neighbors? Do you feel comfortable giving feedback? It’s a strange question to ask, but considering all the changes happening in the East End, are we becoming the kind of nameless community of bigger cities (or were we always there?)

— ∮∮∮ —

Below is a copy of the email sent to Lt. Roane:

Dear Lt Roane,

My family lives directly in front of Jefferson Park in Union Hill. The reason for my email is due to noise violations by car drivers playing their “music” at obnoxious levels. About a dozen cars have driven by our home this evening alone with these noise violations. It is ridiculous. We hear them daily and nightly and their noise violations shake the windows and walls of our home. We live directly on 21 St so we get all of the traffic from Mosby, Leigh and anyone wishing access to Jefferson Avenue. What can be done to address these noise ordinance violations? Calling 911 is futile since the car drivers are moving and police would never catch them by the time they would arrive.

Lt. Roane answered that the 1st precinct has had “a recent increase in violent crime which has been the primary focus”.

Through additional communication we learned this is daily, and at times, hourly occurrence. We empathize with our neighbor as there could be some ways to diffuse this situation. If you ever feel like you can’t talk to your neighbor, or someone you don’t know, you can call the police anonymously since there are Noise Ordinances (Richmond Code §38-31, §38-32) outside of daylight hours of 7AM-MIDNIGHT.

— ∮∮∮ —

The subject of noise has come up a few times over the years:

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