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Weekly East End Crime Brief

Per your feedback, we’re going to be posting a weekly column detailing all of RPD’s and your reported crimes for the week. This will hopefully allow you to be aware and plan accordingly.


Car Break-In: potential key fob issue

I walked out of my home around 7:50 am and noticed the front windows of my car were missing. That was odd because one I always lock my car and two it was 25 degrees. At first I thought it was a break in. But as I approached I realized there was no broken glass. That’s when I understood that somehow my car had been unlocked and my windows rolled down. Nothing was removed because I had really nothing of value in my car except for my EZ pass. Is this a new kind of crime? If so to what extent?

-relieved but disturbed on 25th and O.

Crooks are using a simple gadget to fool cars with smart keys into unlocking their doors and starting their engines, but you can fight back. This is happening all over the country for the past several years. It is a complex issue but the more you learn about how to combat the issue, the better prepared you will be. Check out this video below for a breakdown of how the hacks work:

Broken Windows from Last Weekend 

While the first story involved someone’s windows being rolled down others woke up this weekend to windows that had been broken.  In the Church Hill Neighborhood group on December 8th one neighbor reported:

Lots of windows smashed on 20th, Marshall, and Cedar. Cops are all over the place taking reports. Yes, it was locked. No, nothing of value is ever in the car. “

This also was reported yesterday by neighbor Jamie, 

A whole block of cars on Marshall street by the new apartment building (near 2000 block) had their passenger window smashed.

Please remember to report these incidents to the police.  To file a police report, please call the Richmond Police non-emergency number at 646-5100 and press option 1 or visit your local precinct.

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