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A bit of history about the Little Free Library

Marshall S shared this story with us.  It was a reminder that things we see in our everyday can have a unique history and that from one act, you can start a movement.

From the Washington Post:

He had an abundance of books, a weathered garage door in need of repair and an abiding sadness that persisted months after the death of his mother, a schoolteacher who had tutored neighborhood children at the family dining table in their Twin Cities home.

And so, in what he later described as “a spiritual gesture” to his late mother, June, Todd Bol set to work one day in 2009. Repurposing wood from his garage, he built a dollhouse-size library in the shape of a one-room schoolhouse, decorating the structure with a steeple and a tinny toy bell. He painted the library red, using bright white paint for its wood-shingled roof, and crafted a glass door to secure a few of his parents’ favorite books, including Tom Brokaw’s “The Greatest Generation.”

Then he set the library outside his home in Hudson, Wis., atop a wooden pole with a sign reading “Free Books.” And he waited, and watched.


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John M

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1 year ago

By any chance is there a list of each library’s requirements for donations? I put books in one not knowing it would be curated, so I guess that my books were removed because they were gone the next day. These were children and young adult books that I had.

jean mcdaniel
jean mcdaniel
1 year ago

L B, The curation of any Little Free Library is the responsibility of the person that has taken on the responsibility of building it , paying the registration fee installing it and keeping it clean. I am the curator of the one at 27th and East Broad Street. I am gratefull for any books put in this LFL and the only thing I have removed are solicitations for money, religious pamplets, political mailings, and once an adult magazine! I don’t know where you put your generous donation but I also put childrens books in the one at Childsavers because it… Read more »

1 year ago

Thanks. Maybe they were all taken, because that is one of the boxes I put a huge donation of books in that my daughter outgrew, and the next day it was empty again. I’m about to do another purge, so it’s nice to know that I haven’t violated some unwritten rule. And I did not realize that Childsavers had one, so I will put some there too.

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