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A lil’ update on Kahlos Taqueria & Bar

Remember the amazing news that we were to have Mexican food on the Hill? Want a quick update?

The team at Kahlo’s Taqueria & Bar had this to share:

Hello everyone! We just wanted to provide a quick update on our grand opening. Currently, we are working with the city of Richmond to obtain the proper permits to begin the construction and design phase. Due to this timely process it has postponed our grand opening to the end of November, potentially early December ?. Our team will be sure to provide updates on our progress, ensuring that everyone stays in the loop about our grand opening date. Thank you so much for the support thus far and we are super excited to open our doors and have the opportunity to meet all of you, gracias! ?

So there you have it. Depending on the speed of the permits, let’s hope to eat some delicious food together.

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Ali Cross
Ali Cross
1 year ago

Samantha Deeney soon we shall have tacos!

Michael N
Michael N
1 year ago

Where is this going to be?

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