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If you see an animal that could be in danger…

“Man shoved hose down dog’s throat” is a current story on 8News

Hayley Jacobsen, of Church Hill, said she was at the Chimborazo dog park Wednesday between 4:45 and 6 p.m. when she saw a man chase after his Doberman thinking it was eating something dangerous.

“He said I think she’s chewing on metal,” Jacobsen said. “He then grabs her by the neck and slams her down on the concrete and gets in her mouth and realizes it’s just old crusty grass.”

But instead of simply letting the dog go Jacobsen said what happened next left her stunned.

“He grabbed the hose, turned it on, and then proceeded to shove the turned-on hose down the dog’s throat saying, ‘this is what happens when you don’t ‘effing listen to me.’ He was basically waterboarding his dog.”

Source Laura Ortiz

According to the Richmond Animal Care and Control, please do the following if you see something like this happen:

  • If safe to do so, take a video or picture of the suspected abuse

  • Get a name of the person suspected of doing the abusing

  • Even jot down a license plate

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25th Street Michael
25th Street Michael
1 year ago

Thanks for posting this. The more our neighbors know we can help to catch this guy.

Tula's mom
Tula's mom
1 year ago

OMG If I had been there I would have for sure had an altercation with him!

Anna Marie Scott
Anna Marie Scott
1 year ago

Has anyone been able to identify that man?

Erica Peterson
Erica Peterson
1 year ago
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