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Cindy Milstein, author of Rebellious Mourning, speaking at Small Friend Records

When: Sunday 10/21 at 6 p.m.
Where: Small Friend Records & Books – 105 N. 17th St
What is it?

Author Cindy Milstein will be at Small Friend Records & Books on October 21 at 6 PM to discuss her book Rebellious Mourning. Check out the event on Facebook.

We are excited to announce that on October 21 at 6 PM, Small Friend Records & Books will host author Cindy Milstein for a discussion of her book, Rebellious Mourning.
The event will include a presentation from Cindy on the intimate relation between structural losses, mourning, and resistance. After a short break, Cindy will then hold space for people to share similar stories. Copies of Rebellious Mourning will be available for purchase from Small Friend Records & Books. Some of Cindy’s other materials will be available on a sliding scale or by donation. Admission is free, but we encourage donations to support the touring author.


What made you invite Cindy and why should people come to this event?

Zoe and Jordan: Cindy is a prominent anarchist author whose work we admire and we were excited to see she was heading south on her book tour.

So many aspects of our lives can feel consumed by grief and mourning. One aim of Rebellious Mourning is to show that “when we open ourselves to the bonds of loss and pain, we lessen what debilitates us; we reassert life and its beauty.” People should come to this event to connect with others and learn ways to bear and work through pain collectively.

It’s been part of the plan from the beginning to host author events, so we definitely plan to have more in the future. We’ve had lots of other kinds of events but this is our first reading, and we feel very lucky that it’s with an author we respect as much as Cindy.

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