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Streetlights Out Since Christmas Last Year

Steve M writes:

Some of you may or may not have seen that the street lights in the 3000 block, of E. Broad, the 3100 block of E. Broad, and the 200 block of N. 32nd street are not working. They have been not working since before Christmas last year. That means they have been out for 9 months.

This has been reported to the city via SeeClickFix last year. It has reported to the city through RVA311 this year. There have been numerous phone calls to the Dept of Public Works. There have been numerous communications to our city council person Cynthia Newbille. This story was reported on channel 6 investigative reporting. It has now gotten to the point that phone calls to city officials are just not being returned.
I am now being told that the city believes that it is a broken underground cable and the city is not sure how to find it.
Another example of our tax dollars at work.
The Department of Public Utilities says:

The streetlight utility operates and maintains approximately 37,000 city-owned streetlights, five electric distribution subsystems, more than 350 miles of overhead and underground wiring and thousands of various pole types.

The Police Department’s Environmental Policing Initiative works with DPU’s Streetlight Division to improve public safety and security in neighborhoods across the city, determining locations where locating a light and trimming trees would enhance crime reduction.

If you see a streetlight out, or any other streetlight problems, call 646-8550. To request a new street light installation, call 646-8541.

The connection between light and crime may not be what most of us think it is, but the connection between light and our sense of safety is exactly what it’s always been. (1)

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Heather Boylan Drew

I reported outage on the 2900 block of E Broad to RVA311 and received a phone call. I received the same line of old lines and they are having a hard time finding a General Contractor to do the repair. I see a dark street for a long time in our future.

Teresa Dabney

I knew it had been a while but didn’t realize it was that long. A couple of the light poles are broken on the 2900 block of East Broad.


Yeah I saw article on WTVR about this. The city says there are several underground infrastructure issues with wiring and they are having a time finding a contractor to do it.


Good luck getting anywhere with Newbille… what a joke


How about finding some solar lights and install them on the current poles? Maybe you can do a tempary fix and have Channel 6 see how the citizens have to do the city’s job.

Boyd Moore

The new site has big problems in trying to use it. SeeClickFix (SCF) is so much better, but you get a reply that the city no longer monitors SCF. Sigh….


@5 I like that idea. Here is another: there was an article in the paper a few weeks ago, the mayor named a new department director, Peter Breil, Director of Citizen Service and Response. He supposedly is going to make the 311 system better. His phone is 646-6046. I tried for five weeks to get a bulk pickup and nothing happened, then this past week I called and left him a voice mail and lo and behold, the next day (Friday) the bulk pickup (a couch left by a neighbor) was gone. Don’t know if my call helped or not,… Read more »


@6 Sane thing, call the new guy – he was hired specifically to make it work. Name is Peter Breil, phone is 646-6046. As a department director, I’d bet he’s pretty well paid.