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Three good Samaritans helped a Navyman save a man’s life last year. Now he needs your help to thank them.

About a year ago, Kyle Staples witnessed an accident and helped save a man’s life. He was behind a bus that hit a man on 23rd and Clay St.

I was in a navy khaki uniform and had started to care for the man hit. While everyone else took pictures, two women and one man came to help instead, and helped me perform CPR until RFD arrived. I never got their names. I want to thank them for stepping up and not leaving me alone. I don’t know if they live in the area or were passing through. But I want to thank them for being what all humans should be.

He’s now asking for your help in finding these folks as there’s a time limit – Kyle leaves on orders in a few weeks.

Even if these people know how much they mean to me, it’s well worth it. I just want them to know I remember them. And I’m thankful they came into my life. I’m a Navy man. That night haunts me in the same want my deployments have. But this one I can face and close out.

If you have any information you can share, please let us know in the comments or share this post!

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Kyle Staples
Kyle Staples
1 year ago

I’m more than grateful you’re helping me. And I’d love any support the community can provide in the effort to thank these amazing people. But…. these are not really my words. I’d be happy to talk and give you the real ones. Because this is a story that should be told. Four complete strangers coming together to save one man’s life. I just want to do this right. And do right by my unknown friends, by the man and his family, by the guy driving the bus, everyone. I’m easy to find. And willing to talk. Let’s just do it… Read more »

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