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Frontier Coming Soon (Finally)

I caught up with Chris Davis outside of what will soon be Frontier. They caught my eye because they were in the process of installing kitchen equipment (always a good sign). He told me that they’re now making swift progress and hope to be open in the next few months.

He was very excited to tell me about his plans, the food, beer (19 taps I believe he said) etc. but we’ll wait to share more on that once the opening is imminent. I did get a chance to snap a couple of pics while there. He told me that he expects to seat about 55 total in the space.

As some of you may or may not know Chris is also the owner of Alamo BBQ in Union Hill and has been working to open Frontier for probably close to 3 years now (The first post we have about renovations starting are from December 2015). I for one am very excited to try some delicious new food here on the hill.

You can read some of our previous coverage here:

Davis hoping to open Frontier in September
Frontier coming to old Sarafran’s spot

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