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Alewife Opening in Early September

Richmond Magazine reports:

Lee Gregory has seen more than a few accolades in his career as a chef and restaurateur.

He’s been nominated three timesfor Best Chef Mid-Atlantic by the James Beard Foundation.

He headed the kitchen at The Roosevelt, which, shortly after opening in 2011, was dubbed one of the 100 Best Restaurants in the Southby Southern Living magazine and quickly become a staple on the Southern dining scene known for country pâté and seasonal fare.

Three years later, in 2014, he co-opened Southbound, recognized as one of America’s Best New Restaurantsby Bon Appetit.

But this time around, when Gregory opens Alewife, the seafood-focused restaurant at 3120 E. Marshall St. in Church Hill, in early September, it will be his first solo venture.

Read more at Richmond Magazine by clicking here!

Alewife is located in Church Hill at 3120 E. Marshall St. It replaced the old spot where The Blue Wheeler used to be. Hoping this is as excellent as The Roosevelt!

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1 year ago


Kathi Sanders
Kathi Sanders
1 year ago

Wow!! The inside, which I hadn‘t seen before, is amazing!! I can’t wait to post my before and after exterior photos!! Does anyone know what the plans are for the small fabulous building right next door to Alewife??

Dana Bagby
Dana Bagby
1 year ago

This should prove very interesting.

1 year ago

@2 sign on the door says apartment for rent. I assumed the restaurant takes up the rest of the space.

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