No more salvage yard on Williamsburg & Hatcher

08/22/2018 5:51 PM by

Reddit user Lunar_unit shared on the site::

Site clearing started on Monday.

SB Cox used this area and adjoining buildings for architectural salvage for at least 20 years. Old doors, windows, bathtubs, radiators, a Mexican ATM kiosk, and all kinds of stuff. They had doors stacked 50 deep, with the sweet smell of peeling lead paint in every crevice. I don’t think they sold much from there (kind of a low-brow Caravati’s) but they had some interesting items. It’s all gone to the great dumpster in the sky now.

RIP old crusty Richmond stuff.

Back in 2015, the plans to close the area were a distinct possibility and now it looks like it is finally happening. Check out the space before today.


This area also used to be a lead-smelting company on Hatcher St which contributed to a significant amount of pollution, check out the resources below:

The salvage yard used to be open to the public as it sat right across from the Triple Crossing Brewery. Despite the negative reports, the salvage yard was not only a place of business, but a place that inspired some folks. Check out this entry by “Darling Octopus” back in 2012:

This weekend I went to one of my happiest places – the salvage yard. So much cool old stuff just waiting to be re-used. I find the salvage yard super inspiring and I love to just wander around. My favorite RVA salvage yard is S.B. Cox. They might not have as big a selection as Caravati’s but it has a much more laid back feel and most importantly – it’s cheaper. Now you will have to be willing to do a little digging. And nothing is priced, so you have to ask – but that means they are ready to negotiate. I hate to haggle but I actually find it kind of fun at S.B. Cox. Several negotiations have ended in a coin toss which is just so fun! So if you are looking for some old stuff to add character to your home – check them out. They have a huge door selection – we have replaced two doors in our house there.



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