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City to Conduct Citizens’ Survey Across Richmond’s Nine Districts

From the City of Richmond

 The City of Richmond will conduct a random, citywide survey of residents to assess services currently being provided by the city. The survey, which was last administered in 2014, will provide reliable data to the city administration that will help guide its budgeting process, improve delivery of services and enhance overall operations.

ETC Institute, one of the nation’s leading firms in the field of local government research, is preparing and conducting the survey.

In the coming weeks, ETC Institute will mail approximately 13,500 surveys using the United States Postal Service. A minimum of 150 completed surveys from each of the City of Richmond’s nine districts are required to validate the results. Residents across Richmond have been randomly selected to complete the survey, and individual survey submissions will remain anonymous and confidential.

Residents will have the opportunity to complete the mailed form or submit their responses online within a 10-day time period. If needed, telephone follow-up surveys will be conducted to obtain the minimum number of completed surveys for each district. The survey will also be made available in Spanish.

For more information, please contact Beth D’ Arcy, Executive Staff Assistant to the Chief Administrative Officer, at (804) 646-2043, or

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2 years ago

If the survey was last done in 2014 it would be informative to know what the results were from that effort and what changes were made. Based on how things have been the last four years the effort was wasted as basic services are still not being provided.

2 years ago

@1 Yea I have to wonder where those results are, too – and how much was paid then for the survey, and how much is being paid now for the survey and why bother if the city isn’t going to do anything about services.

Emily Em
Emily Em
2 years ago

Did anyone else receive this survey with missing pages? I just received the survey and there are bank sides of the booklet where it appears the missing pages (pg 1 and 6 out of 7) would likely have been printed. I emailed the City contact above, who is also listed as the contact in the introductory letter to the survey.

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