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Is this your Chihuahua mix?

We got a message from Katharine:

Found dog at 27th & T St at about 5:30pm on 7/26 in the Church Hill neighborhood of Richmond, VA. Tri-color adult female chihuahua. No tags, but wearing green collar with a blue jingle bell and flea collar.

The dog is NOT microchipped (she was scanned immediately after being found), and she has been registered as a found dog with RACC. She is a little older, sweet, and timid. It does not appear that she was lost very long (she appears well fed & was not dehydrated). She was found standing in the middle of an empty street with no-one around so my husband scooped her up and brought her home.

She’s definitely someone’s lap dog. Help us find her family!

Church Hill folks, please share!

Thank you,
Katharine W.

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