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Applications Now Open for 2018 Golden Hammer Awards

Have a renovation, some new construction, or another local building project that you’re proud of and want to bring some attention to? Applications are now being accepted for the 2018 Golden Hammer Awards for projects completed since January 1, 2017.

The Golden Hammer Awards were originally started by ACORN (The Alliance To Conserve Old Richmond Neighborhoods) in 2000 to honor excellence in revitalization, new construction, etc. in the Richmond area. Since that time the Better Housing Coalition ran the wards for a few years and now Historic Richmond is running the show.

Categories Include:

1) Best Restoration
2) Best Adaptive Reuse
3) Best New Construction
4) Best Placemaking (Art & Culture projects, park and green-space projects, etc.)
5) Best Single-Family Residential Project

Applications are $25 & there will be an awards ceremony on November 1st.

You can find the Application Here

You can Learn More about the Award and History Here

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2 years ago

Glad the Golden Hammers still exist (even though HRF refused to have anything to do with them 20+ years ago when they had abandoned all interest in and concern for neighborhoods— deciding to concentrate on events to raise money… “For what?” became the question. My fervent hope is that they have truly turned a corner and come back to their original mission.

Bill Hartsock
Bill Hartsock
2 years ago

HRF started as the savior of Church Hill and historic districts in general. Even in the 80’s they were buying up properties to sell to renovation-interested people. Their mission was great but now, what are they doing? Nothing. They are a shadow of their former selves. The leadership must change to meet the challenges that we still face in saving properties and educating the people of Richmond as to what a true gem this City is. HPF has failed on many fronts. Let’s hear from them, if they would like to respond to this web site.

Bill Hartsock
Bill Hartsock
2 years ago

Sorry, but I have to say that if we want an example of what can be done to promote the City and it’s great resources, look no further than the Valentine Museum. They have been proactive, creative, and cutting edge in getting people involved in the historic resources of the City. Maybe HRF can reinvent itself to either follow this example or create it’s own persona. The Quoit Club is not the answer.

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