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Local Considerations for CAR this week

The agenda for the July 24 meeting of the Commission of Architectural Review had a number of local projects:

  • 2423 East Grace Street – Replace front porch roof with a membrane roof.
  • 523 North 29th Street – Replace two doors and remove a door opening on a side porch.
  • 1609 West Grace Street – Replace 11 wood windows on the facade of a home with new cellular composite windows.
  • 813 North 24th Street – Construct a new single family home.
  • 2401 East Broad Street – Install a condensing unit on the rear of the actor’s studio building, with screening.
  • 2411 M Street – Construct a two-story mixed use building on a vacant lot.
  • 3408 East Broad Street – Construct a new single family dwelling on a vacant lot.
  • 600 North 28th Street – Amend previously approved plans for a new single family home to alter the foundation material and basement windows.
  • 514 North 26th Street – Construct a new single family home on a vacant lot.

Now, most of these are Applications for a Certificate of Appropriateness, this is basically a requirement before any exterior work proceeds on a structure located in a local historic district.

Of interesting note is the 2411 M Street proposal. If you’re familiar with this development, it looks like the 3-story proposal is now a new 2-story mixed used building configured to meet current zoning. “As such, the revised scheme provides street-level commercial space along Jefferson Avenue and at the prominent triangular end of the stire which continues onto and down M Street for approximately 1/3 of the block.”

If you want to check out the plans for yourself, you can find them here.



Check out the agenda and don’t forget to click on the Application and Plans and the Staff Reports if you’re interested in reading the details!



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2 years ago

Aesthetically, this is a rehash of the new triangle building at Jessamine and 23rd St. While that building looks quite nice, all things considered, I’m not sure the design scales. The other building works because it’s relatively small. There don’t appear to be any square footages indicated on the M street plans, but for comparison’s sake, it appears to be contain about 20 apartments and 2 commercial units, as opposed to 4 apartments and 1 commercial unit at Jessamine street. Anyway, a building with this much street frontage needs a little more decoration. The one on Jessamine is a nice… Read more »

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