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Ever wanted to play Bocce Ball? Sign up for Triple Crossing!

We asked Sarah DeLucas from Major League Bocce a few questions on this quirky, fun and adult sport. If you’re looking for something different to do this summer, check them out.

Can you tell us about what you’re looking for? Is it co-ed or unisex?

Co-ed all the way! We are all an inclusive group!

How long has the league been in play?

Anne-Stuart Teter brought bocce to Richmond in 2014 by way of Washington, DC. For several years, she played in the league there and had such a great time, she wanted to spread the fun to the RVA. Her efforts have been very successful – we’ve had over 500 players join the league and many play season after season after season.
Tell us about practice and the vibe- what’s it like to be part of the group?

Fortunately, bocce is so easy to pick up, no practice is necessary! The overall vibe of the League is very chill. We play with a beer in hand (very important!) and oftentimes get distracted by making new friends our opponents. While there is a bit of a competitive vibe when we get closer to playoffs, in general, you can expect a pretty laid back experience.

When does it start and when should people register by?

Triple Crossing starts July 10th! People have until July 3rd to join. Right now, readers can save $15 on the season with discount code SUM15!

How’s the parking situation?

Triple Crossing has an awesome parking lot. Plenty of space! The games are on the turf court that Triple Crossing built last year.

Who makes up the league?

All types of people sign up to play – men & women, young & old, bocce veterans & rookies alike. We’re a very inclusive league and invite anyone, regardless of athletic ability, to come out to play. I think it’s more fun that way. It’s definitely not your typical kickball crowd.

Finally, what’s your advice for first timers?

Drink two beers, then play.


When: July 10th

Final Day of registration: July 3rd

How much? $45 with discount code SUM15

Where do I sign up? Click here!

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jean Mcdaniel
jean Mcdaniel
2 years ago

I see this “Major League” plays on grass. It is ashamed that Chimbarazo couldn’t have been kept grass so it could be used by everyone!

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