Some of the damage from last night

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Some of our neighbors in the Church Hill Neighborhood group shared these images and videos this morning. Flooding closed the Richmond Airport this morning with over 7.22 inches of rain since 1 in the morning!

Check out some of the images here:

The sidewalk near Chimborazo Playground

Jim B.- Brick sidewalks washed out on Broad. Video is Exxon up to 21st Street.

Katie M- 25th between Leigh and M around 3am

Nia M- Once upon a time it was cobblestone…

Mike K (Featured Image) – Glenwood Ave past Chimbo Mart

Allison M- Police cleaning up the bricks at 4:15 am

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The CHPN crew had some major basement damage. We called the City first (apologized for the inconvenience after inspecting our damage) and then Roto Rooter for restoration. After over $1500 in damages (so far) we’re ok. It really made us think about what to do when your basement floods. Here’s some tips from  “Home Matters”.

• Before you do anything, make sure to shut off any power around the area, including electricity and gas. Never enter a flooded area while the power is on. If you aren’t sure how to shut these areas off, call a qualified electrician before entering the room and beginning to work.

• Unless the water is caused by rainfall, take action as soon as you notice flooding. If rain or storm water is the cause of the flood, wait until it’s passed before getting to work.

• Regardless of the water source, wear boots and gloves for protection. You may also choose to wear a protective mask. Hip or chest waders may also be useful if they are available. Take care when walking and moving around the flooded area since it will likely offer itself as a slipping hazard.

Read more here.



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