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East End Festival – How Was It?

Did you have a chance to attend the East End Music Festival this past weekend? CHPN was there on Saturday and we enjoyed some great food and good music.

The family-friendly event featured two packed days of low-key but impactful arts and musical performances by local professionals as well as some of RVA’s talented youth musicians, dancers, writers and visual artists. Props to Richmond Urban Dance for their fun performance!

Also, Head on over to the RVA East End Instagram page to check out some of the cool pictures!

In the lead picture for this story, you can see the Hotel X who also had a great performance and played some great jazz. Also, MC Todd Waldo was in the house (seen in this picture) along with Councilwoman Newbille who was staffing the student art tent and many others.

The turnout, according to vendors and volunteers, came in waves. The venue was less than ideal as the festival was originally supposed to be held in the 17th St. Market space which is STILL under construction.

In case you didn’t know the EnRichmond foundation has held this event for the past 3 years to support East End school music and art programs. They even had some art from local schools on display. These are some VERY talented kids and we should do everything we can to foster that creativity and expression.

Student ArtStreet VendorsStudent ArtMain Stage

Thanks to everyone who put on this amazing event including all of the sponsors and the EnRichmond Foundation.

Enrichmond Press Release:

Proceeds from the festival support the music and visual arts programs at the following Richmond Public Schools located in RVA’s East End community: Bellevue Elementary, Chimborazo Elementary, Fairfield Court Elementary, George Mason Elementary, Woodville Elementary, Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School, Armstrong High School and Franklin Military Academy.

“As a result of the inaugural festival in 2016, East End elementary schools went from seven violins among them to enough instruments for a full classroom set of string instruments in each school,” said the Reverend Marilyn Heckstall, pastor of Asbury Church Hill United Methodist Church and 2018 festival chair.

She noted that other uses of financial resources from the past two festivals were to purchase new gowns and tuxedos for music groups at two schools, as well as buying and repairing band instruments. “Our goal for 2018 is to exceed $100,000 in proceeds to support cultural arts initiatives in our East End schools,” Rev. Heckstall added.

As one of the festival’s most ardent champions, Richmond City Councilwoman Cynthia I. Newbille (7th District) has been an instrumental catalyst for this event that celebrates creativity and unites the East End community around engaging kids in the arts. “The East End Festival has introduced hundreds of students to all aspects of the cultural arts in their elementary, middle and high schools,” she said. “It is truly life-changing when students can learn and grow together by experiencing the power of music and the arts.”

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Rebecca McNerney
Rebecca McNerney 05/30/2018 at 6:33 PM

Move it back to Chimborazo

Chrissy Schlegel
Chrissy Schlegel 05/31/2018 at 9:47 AM

Shouldve been at chimbo park

Ian 05/31/2018 at 10:04 AM

The music that we saw was nice but the venue was just a complete failure. All the asphalt made for hot, dirty, and uncomfortable viewing. My biggest complaint is just that using the downtown lot meant that the East End Festival wasn’t actually held in the east end of town. Being able to walk to Chimborazo park made the whole event really feel like a community activity but having to drive downtown did not.

Liz 05/31/2018 at 10:47 AM

I haven’t seen anywhere yet why it was moved. I understand that it was expected that the 17th street construction would be completed but why was it moved from Chimborazo to begin with? The above posters are correct – Shockoe Bottom is not the East End.

Johnathan 05/31/2018 at 1:33 PM

Everything East of Foushee St. is the east end of the city.

Steve 05/31/2018 at 1:36 PM

Shockoe Bottom is in the 7th District, which is defined by the City of Richmond as the East End.

Other Districts: 1st = West End; 2nd = North Central; 3rd = Northside; 4th = Southwest; 5th = Central; 6th = Gateway; 8th = Southside; 9th = South Central.


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