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Teacher Appreciation Day “Walk-In”

Featured image (Care2 Petitions) The Richmond Education Association and Support Our Schools have organized a wide-spread grassroots action at over twenty Richmond Public School facilities this morning. From the REA and Support Our Schools press release:
Teachers, staff, parents, administrators and students will meet outside over twenty buildings, in all the city’s districts, to demonstrate for funding that state and city governments have refused to provide in their annual budgets. The demonstrations will culminate in participants walking into their buildings together, in an act of solidarity. This action is meant to show that our RPS community does NOT appreciate how their elected leaders have failed to provide adequate funding for Richmond Public Schools year after year. Richmond Public Schools has over 44 buildings, many in disrepair and in need of renovations. Some buildings are in such dire shape that they need to be rebuilt entirely. Richmond Education Association, Richmond’s local education association, President A. Ramon Moore wants City Council and the General Assembly to know that, “We were told that RPS kids cannot wait, when Mayor Stoney was campaigning for the meals tax. Now we are not only told we must wait- but that we must close even more schools, and that we must exhaust our emergency fund, in order for our students to receive the same opportunities as students in Henrico and Chesterfield. The time to wait is over- the time to act is now.” In addition to facilities needs, Richmond Public Schools was given its own emergency funds as one-time funding, instead of recurring funds, to hire staff. Emma Clark, an organizer with the education advocacy organization Support Our Schools says, “Forcing Richmond Public Schools to pay for ongoing costs with one-time money is irresponsible and contrary to the School Board’s fiduciary responsibility. We are not able to hire the staff that our students need, including nurses and ESL staff, with these one-time funds.”
  The Chimborazo PTA has this great resource on the meaning and importance of a “walk-in”:

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Tina Bujno
Tina Bujno 05/08/2018 at 11:48 AM

Here is a picture from Chimborazo this morning. Thanks for sharing this information, I appreciate the list of demands and explanations being published in full.

Bill 05/08/2018 at 12:01 PM

School funding is mostly local.
Get it from 5 of 9 people.
Quit blaming everyone else.


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