A word of caution from a neighbor: telephone scams (especially geared towards senior citizens!)

05/05/2018 6:00 AM by

From a concerned neighbor:

Yesterday I received a phone call from someone that sounded like an Iranian friend of mine that lives in Arizona except that his accent was heavier. He asked if I knew who it was and my response was, “Is this ….?” He said yes and that he needed my help. He had gone to Connecticut for a friends wedding, gotten in a car wreck. Had a busted lip and a broken nose and was in jail. The caller gave a case number of B 27484317A and was insistent that when his court-appointed attorney named Robert Johnson called me, I should give him this number. Of course, I became suspicious and before I could call my friend in Arizona, the ‘court-appointed’ attorney called ME.

There was an immediate demand for information which I would not give. This person got a little belligerent so I hung up.

I called my friend in Arizona and of course, he was not in jail and assured me he did not have a broken nose or busted lip. We had a good laugh over this but then it occurred to me that this is the same scam that people use to call “grandma” and pretend to be a grandson/granddaughter.

I called both of these numbers today and both were answered by the same person with a very slight accent. The broken nose and busted lip were very clever to disguise an unfamiliar voice. I think I am street smart enough to not fall for such a scam, but I must confess, I was concerned enough to call my friend In Az. What kind of investigation or who should this be reported to? The more I think about it, the madder I get.

— ∮∮∮ —

If this were to happen to you, remember to use Google as a resource. The first phone number (supposedly from jail) was 878-208-1802 and the second number was 702-405-3525.

Type the numbers into Google and check out if there are any scam reports.

In addition, please report these numbers to the FTC!
There is a Scam/Ripoff category and then Impostor Scam (someone posing as family or friend)



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