Housemade by Hilary – Update

04/18/2018 2:41 PM by

Housemade by Hilary was planning on opening a space in 2000 Venable St but now the potential retail store has suffered a temporary setback. “When I went to City Hall to get our occupancy permit,” says Stephen Martin, Hilary’s partner, “I was stunned to learn that the space we were going to occupy is zoned to be a restaurant and not for retail. Our developer thought the space was zoned for retail, and part of it is. But the major part on the corner is not. Apparently, in that area, the zoning will not allow a retail store on a corner.”

Stephen says that to change the zoning would require a six-month process culminating with a hearing in front of City Council, which could say, “No.” The team and the developer are currently not willing to risk the time and money necessary. “We are not unhappy with our developer or the City. The zoning is what it is, and we probably should have checked sooner that everything was copacetic.”

So now what? “We are now back in the market for retail space. We’d like to find around 1500 to 2000 square feet.” The company is also looking for space for a pop up sale (so if you’re interested, please let them know!) “We have built up a good deal of inventory in anticipation of opening the shop soon”.



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