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Please help find Beth’s Car!

One of the most unsettling things to happen to you is not finding your car where you parked it. Was it towed? Stolen? This happened recently to our Fulton Hill neighbor, Beth Allums. If you know any information or have seen the car parked somewhere, please let Beth know or sound off in the comments.

From Beth’s Facebook Page:

My car was stolen 4/3 at 8pm from my home. It is still missing as of 4/15.
Plates – IARTED 2015 Honda Fit ExL silver – black leather interior- sunroof. Stolen from Fulton Hill Montrose area of the east end RVA.
The service light was on so there’s a very good chance it was dumped.
It has several stickers on the rear window, inspection sticker month 10, superficial scrape on the passenger side rear by the wheel well. Please take a second look at ANY silver fit you see.

If you see this sticker, let Beth know!IARTED License Plate

The story made the local news:

Richmond, Va. – Richmond Police are investigating a car theft in the city’s East End neighborhood.

A suspect stole a silver 2015 Honda Fit parked in the 1800 block of National Street.

Owner Beth Allums got quite the surprise when she didn’t spot it parked in front of her home.

“It was very confusing and it took me a little while to figure out my car had been stolen,” she said.

Four days beforehand, crooks broke into her boyfriend’s car.

“We believe that the fob may have been in his car when his car got broken in, so they came back,” Allums said.

Allums’ neighborhood security cameras caught everything.

On the night of April 3 a man can be seen running down National Street and he eventually gets into the car and drives away.

Allums told 8News she was ‘shocked’ and ‘felt violated.’

Having her car stolen adds a burden for her.

“I already have an illness in my family and I’m a single parent and I’m a teacher,” Allums said. “I have to get to work and it really disrupts the flow of your life.”

Police are investigating similar incidents in other neighborhoods.

A woman’s car was stolen in Church Hill on Easter Sunday. Another car was stolen on 35th Street.

Allums plans on turning the surveillance video over to police.

Police ask residents to keep doors locked and don’t leave valuables such as extra sets of keys inside for thieves to locate.

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Katherine Jester
Katherine Jester
2 years ago

This reminds me of a recent car theft where the owner actually tracked it down ( to either Mosby or Gilpin Court). He called RPD, waited, and they never came. Does anyone know what ever happened with that?

Jeff Matherne
Jeff Matherne
2 years ago

My partner’s car was stolen from outside my home on the 2300 block of Carlisle the first week of February. We tracked it to Mosby and through working with both Henrico and RPD, we managed to get it back within the hour. The thief (in our case) actually lives in Montrose Heights.

2 years ago

@1 (working from a cloudy memory of a report out at CHA meeting months ago) RPD responded in minutes and did not observe the vehicle attributing some of the foul up to imprecise information provided in the initial report.

Eric S. Huffstutler
Eric S. Huffstutler
2 years ago

I thought most new cars have built-in GPS trackers? I know that we had a total of 5 cars stolen in front of our house when we first moved to the neighborhood before gentrification of the immediate area. Three were our own. I can recall one incident where the police basically just went through the motions and did nothing to follow up. Once they were found, they did not even do fingerprints and there were food articles (cans) in it left by the thieves! Only one of our cars, that was in a high-speed chase and ended in Hanover County,… Read more »

2 years ago

Where are the links to the videos?

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