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Sound off on the proposed 29th St Bike Walk Boulevard!

Church Hill People’s News is working with the Department of Public Works to gather feedback on two projects: the Nine Mile Road Streetscape and the 29th Street Bike Walk Boulevard. 

On March 13, Councilwoman Cynthia Newbille and Department of Public Works staff held its first public engagement meeting about safety improvements for walking and biking along N 29th Street and Nine Mile Road. These proposed options are focused on slowing vehicle traffic down (making it safer for walkers and bikers), ensuring safe zones for people to cross the street, and bike lane options.

CHPN wants to provide YOU with an opportunity to give your feedback on this project, so we recreated the form that was available at the meeting. We will then provide this data directly to the Department of Public Works, specifically to Yongping Wang. You can choose to send this form yourself by emailing

Click here to access the survey!

Purpose: Improve safety, accessibility, and connectivity along this urban corridor.

History/Timeline: City Bike Master Plan in 2015 identified 29th Street for bike walk boulevard improvements. Preliminary design in early 2018. Construction planned for 2019.

Scope of Work:

Intersection improvements along corridor from Fairfield Elementary to Libby Hill to James River / Virginia Capital Trail including the following priority locations:

• 29th Street / Marshall Street
• 29th Street / Clay Street
• 29th Street between M-N Streets
• 29th Street / Nine Mile Road
• Fairfield Avenue / Kane Street

Improvements at additional locations along Project corridor subject to budget and funding.
NOTE: Connections to James River / Virginia Capital Trail via other funded projects.

You now have an important opportunity to give feedback on the proposed options. Thanks to Louise Lockett from Bike Walk RVA for the information below:

Pictures of the proposed options for N 29th Street are available here, which include:

  • 4-way crosswalks and curb extensions at Fairfield Ave / Kane St (page 2)
  • Curb extensions at 29th St / Marshall St and 29th St / Clay St to slow traffic traveling through the traffic circles (page 3)
  • 4-way crosswalks and curb extensions at 29th St / Nine Mile Rd (page 4)
  • Shared use path between 29th St / M St and 29th St / N St to create a biking and walking-only connection (page 5)

Remember: you can also use the the City’s editable form. Just edit, save, and email it to

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