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Restore PT now in Church Hill

Derek and Becky Metzler started Restore PT “with a vision to do things differently” championing a holistic, peaceful approach to allow those in pain to not just heal their bodies but also their “mind and spirit”.

Recently, we sat down with Becky Metzler to talk about Restore PT. If you didn’t know, the practice moved from its location in Shockoe Bottom to the Church Hill Gables Building on the corner of N 25th and E Franklin St. The team did a fun renovation on the space which is now their home.

How long have you had your sights on this building?
I guess it was 2000, and Freddie and Fannie were arguing. This building went up for sale, and we tried to buy it. Well, we didn’t have three years’ of taxes, and that’s when they didn’t care how much money you had in the bank. They were not selling to anybody. They were crossing their T’s and dotting their I’s then. So it wasn’t until November of last year that the building went up for sale again. One day we came to see it, and we put in an offer. And they countered, and we countered, and here we are.

How do your patients like it?
One patient just told me she wanted to move in and make it her primary residence. The parking is better, although some of our patients can’t parallel park well. But the energy! We just had a patient leave and said the energy in here is so positive, it’s so good, I just love it.

What makes this place different from other practices?
We have no equipment. We are not exercise-based. We’re manual therapy. Each therapist, there’s Derek, who’s the physical therapist, and Pete Dustin, who is the PTA assistant. We’re all related. It’s family-owned and run. They see one patient for a full hour, and they’re the only patient that they have. You get this one-on-one healing time, and part of it is patients just want to be heard.

As you’re healing, emotions come up. You feel despair, and you’re in pain, and you’re in chronic pain, and your world kinda narrows when you have that.  You might not be able to play golf three times a week and play 18 holes, but maybe we can get you back on the golf course at least once a week for nine holes. Most of the patients that come in here to see us say that the second that they told their doctor what was wrong with them, they had their script pad out writing for muscle relaxers and Vicodin or whatever. We think that you should try non-invasive, healthy, non-harmful ways to heal your body.

Restore Physical Therapy is an out of network provider and they accept payments at the time of service. They will supply you with all the related documentation requested by your insurance company. For more information check out their Insurance and Prescriptions page.

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Chris Houlihan
Chris Houlihan 03/26/2018 at 6:41 AM

I walk by that corner almost every day, and they’ve been working hard on the place. Looks great from what I have seen from the outside, and while I don’t currently need PT services myself, it’s good to know that they’re right down the street. I’m sure that they’ll continue to be a great asset for the neighborhood.

Helena Semeraro
Helena Semeraro 03/26/2018 at 6:50 AM

Welcome home!

Becky Metzler 03/26/2018 at 1:31 PM

Yes, we are so happy to be back in Church Hill. Even more excited we were able to purchase the building we envisioned some time ago. The neighbors at Church Gill Gables have been very welcoming and we are excited about becoming part of that group! Great things are happening there-real freshening up to the exterior!

If you are interested in learning more about what we do you can go to the website, leave an inquiry, or give us a call.

A shout out to CHPN for posting our update for the neighborhood.

Derek , Becky, and Dustin
Expect change


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