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Get ready for some foodie news

Exciting news from a bunch of our favorite restaurants in Church Hill.

As you probably heard, 8 1/2 is coming to Church Hill!  They are going to be setting up at 2709 E Marshall St. From the rumor mill, it’s gonna happen sooner than later!



Craft Kolache is taking a little bit of a break as seen on their Instagram Page.


Are you a fan of Fighting Fish? Quickness RVA reported recently that the popular restaurant is now delivering to Church Hill!
Quickness RVA offers bicycle courier and delivery options for local restaurants, retail shops, design firms and more.


The Frontier storefront is looking good! While it seems like there have been some delays in opening the new restaurant, it is still exciting to see the transformation.


Our neighbors Will and Pixie donated 100% of their tips this past Thursday, March 15th to help the kitties at Richardson’s rescue! At the end of the night, they raised over $400! Thanks for your support! Read more here.

Send us your tips on what’s happening in the neighborhood to!


Grace is going to CAR! The restaurant is going through the process to restore the storefront and install a temporary ramp at the front of the mixed-used building.


Like Jamaican food? You’re in luck. If you’ve driven by Nine Mile Road you’ve probably seen a building decorated with the colors of the Jamaican flag. Warren, the owner, is hoping to open this summer and is working hard on his own completing all of the renovations himself.

Before Renovations!

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Eric S. Huffstutler 03/20/2018 at 8:43 AM

Good to see that the Frontier Restaurant storefront is going back to the original 1930s split window design and has removed that uninviting prison looking facade.


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