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The Richmond Police Mounted Unit Proposed Equestrian Center!

The Urban Design Committee is reviewing a new conceptual design for a new Police Equestrian Center in the East End this Thursday!

What is it: The Equestrian Center will include a barn to house the Richmond Police Department’s mounted patrol unit as well as administrative support space for the officers who are assigned to the mounted unit. There will also be site amenities to support training and care for the horses including a training ring, pasture and parking areas.

As early as 1894, mounted officials patrolled the outskirts of the city, thus establishing the Richmond Police Mounted Unit as the oldest mounted unit in the Commonwealth. The Mounted Unit relocated to the present location at 801 Brook Road in 1972. The current building has
significant operational deficiencies and substantial ongoing facility maintenance problems. In 2004 and 2008, tropical storms hit the city causing a 3-4 foot high water, mud and sewage cascading through the stables. Horses were trapped and there was substantial damage and/or loss to the structure, equipment, vehicles and furnishings. The mounted stable has deteriorated to the point where it is no longer an acceptable workspace for employees nor does the building provide a healthy and safe boarding environment for the work animals.

The site is located in the Oakwood Cemetery Neighborhood, just north of both Gillies Creek and a Norfolk Southern Railroad. Nestled among a group of trees, the proposed site straddles an area zoned residential and an area zoned light industrial, and is adjacent to an area zoned heavy industrial. It is predominantly surrounded by a forested area in close proximity to residential, single family homes.


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John M


Ryan Herndon
Ryan Herndon 03/07/2018 at 6:41 AM

About time!

David O
David O'Fathaigh 03/07/2018 at 8:09 AM

Long overdue

Anne Robinett
Anne Robinett 03/07/2018 at 8:46 AM

If I’m reading the map graphic correctly, that circle is not near Oakwood cemetery, that’s a few blocks away from the old trolley barn area.

Church Hill People
Church Hill People's News 03/07/2018 at 9:36 AM

Good call Anne- the request says “Oakwood Cemetery Neighborhood” so we clarified that.

MP 03/07/2018 at 9:38 AM

That’s a great spot for that!

Ana Lindsey
Ana Lindsey 03/07/2018 at 12:11 PM

Yay! Wish they would open it to community boarders. Would help fund the unit and be really convenient to have stall space so close!

Victoria Lynn Davis
Victoria Lynn Davis 03/07/2018 at 1:07 PM

Can y’all like fix the roads down here instead please? That’s unnecessary for the all of four horses. I’m sick and tired of getting new tires every few months…pretty soon I’m going to start billing the damn city. It’s old. Fix them.

Houston 03/07/2018 at 1:14 PM

Is this space the edge of the old East End dump or something adjacent to that?

Sharon 03/07/2018 at 2:49 PM

And how is it going to be paid for and maintained? Any numbers available on that? Mind you I am all for it…and would be a great naming opp for a horse/law loving philanthropist!!

Laura 03/07/2018 at 3:18 PM

That’s right in my backyard and I’m very excited about it!

Phil 03/08/2018 at 6:15 AM

Always post about roadway conditions on SeeClickFix. If the city is aware of the conditions and a specific pothole, you then have a paper trail when it comes to billing the city for damage done to your vehicle. Also – you help the city better understand the issues within the city limits.

Rick Tatnall 03/08/2018 at 6:59 PM

Folks, a little background and some detail clarifications about the Richmond Regional Mounted Police Stable Project.

Since the early 1990’s Carl Otto and the Gillies Creek Park Foundation have promoted a vision called the Gillies Creek Park System, described as “a natural proposal for one of Richmond’s most unusual and historic land areas”. Carl and the Foundation proposed features of the park system to include police & public horse stables, as well as horseback riding trails, on the land now being considered by the City, referred to as the Gillies Creek Tract. The entrance to this 42 acre City-owned property which ultimately connects to the East End landfill is off Crestview Road, near the gas/convenience station on Government.

The project has had City funding of $700,000+ for a year or more, as the barn was supposed to be built in Northside. Issues with the chosen property prompted a new search and Carl and I have been the Gillies Creek tract ever since. Mayor Stoney included the funding for the barn in his budget presented on Tuesday.

The barn is intended to serve 3 current regional entities and there is land for expansion. The City currently maintains 4 horses, which will be increased to 7 with the new barn. Chief John Venuti of VCU Police is looking to add 3 horses to his force and stable them there, and Capitol Police Chief Pike is looking to add 2 horses to his force and stable them there. The location is also very close to Henrico which might entice them to consider horses for their police force.

Below is the Facebook page for the barn project

Below is a recent news story from NBC12 about the barn

derk p 03/09/2018 at 7:34 PM

they are the absolute worst. the horses have taken HUGE dumps RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY APT building and no one cleans it up so smells like literal crap for days. it makes me so angry because dog owners get fined but its fine to leave 10 times as much

kristin 04/11/2018 at 12:21 PM

Great news and a wonderful use of this space. I have a pony club teen just up the street who would LOVE to get a job cleaning stalls!


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