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You get a Tree, and You get a Tree, and Trees for Everyone!!

Will the city replace a sidewalk tree?

This question was recently asked in the Church Hill Neighborhood Facebook group, an invaluable and awesome group of neighbors. If you use Facebook and haven’t signed up, go check them out!

The Adopt a Tree Program is something that we have recently been dealing with in our household. The program seems simple: you fill out an application, you choose a pre-determined lot location based on where you live and where a tree may be planted, pay $50 (per tree) to the enRichmond Foundation and then you wait.

Usually the applications are due in August and the planting times vary (between November and April 15th). We have yet to see our trees but there’s still 6 weeks to go for planting them.

Click Here for a cool site- the city tree inventory. This is where you can check out the empty and available lots for potential tree planting.
Here are some extra resources for you:

To plant your own tree on city property, you have to use this form.

To request a tree removal, you use this form.

To request maintenance on a current tree, use this form.

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Aaron McFarland

Let it be known that Enrichmond only handles the account. It is the city’s arborists who are responsible for planting the trees. If you find that your tree(s) is not getting planted please call the city Urban forestry department.

They will get to you when they can but I ask you recognize that for the whole city there are only 3 arborists trying to keep up with the paper work and fulfill requests! Not to mention any emergency situations where trees have fallen on roads or in dangerous places!

Paul Granger

Some neighbors will get lucky; they have a list of locations where the city wants trees, and neighbors don’t have to pay. R street in Fairmount just got a load of cherry trees.

Robin Levey

We just received ours on the Northside! Trees glorious trees! ?

Charlie Ayers

Can I first get a sidewalk?

Heather Ward

Thanks for including the tree removal form…

Brad Shupp

Maybe now there will be legitimate street cleaning

Dan Rooney

Planting trees 6 weeks from now! Plan on doing a lot of watering and hope they make it through the summer! As usual, Richmond is running behind!