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Found Dog- Spread the word!

One of our neighbors has found a small grey male PITBULL near the Chimborazo tennis courts. He had previously been under a house on 29th for at least a day. Friendly pup who is obviously lost! Call 804-339-3098 for information!tion!

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Kiet Vo
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2 years ago

Man, another pit/pit mix found in this area. Feel like this happens a few times a week.

Do these dogs just get out of fences/houses more often or do their owners just let them go more often?

Eva Tiner
Eva Tiner
2 years ago

Anyone know if he was claimed by his owner yet? Woke up thinking about him today.

2 years ago

@Eva, I ran into this pup’s finder on this moning’s run. They haven’t heard anything about an owner yet. I met the pup too, what a sweet lovebug! I hope everything turns out well, but you might want to contact the dog’s finder and let her know you’re interested in case no one comes forward!

Eva Tiner
Eva Tiner
2 years ago
Reply to  Eva Tiner

Thanks, the last thing I need is get another pet in my house, but I just wanted to make sure that he had been found or at least taken in by someone who was caring for him.

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