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Professor Twinkletoes and our Future Pet Owners

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Educating the public on what animal rescue and dog stewardship looks like is the goal of Ring Dog Rescue.  They specialize in any dog that has a bulldog lineage, easily described as a pit bull type dog.  They take a holistic path to animal advocacy through a wide range of services; education programs for both humans and pups, adoption, animal hospice foster care, doghouses for outdoor pups, and even popsicles for shelter pups.  One of their education programs is held locally at Armstrong Elementary, Cupcake’s Classroom, named after one of Ring Dog Rescue’s first rescue dogs.



Education does not end with the final school bell at Armstrong High School in Richmond. In fact, for some students, the bell only signals another round of learning, thanks to a special after school program.

The students focus on everything from math and science to music and sewing. However, one class is a bit different, because one of its teachers has four legs.

Jaleel Johnson signed up for the class because his family owns a pit bull, and the 16-year-old wanted to learn more about caring for the dog properly.

So far, he has learned quite a bit.

”How to correctly take care of animals, the proper way you should have a dog, the proper way to shelter them, especially winter times. And about leashing animals. The way you should and shouldn’t do it,” said Johnson.

Jaleel, along with his classmates, learn all of this and more through interactive lessons.

At Armstrong High School our community  teens learn to be better pet owners at an early age.   Through this program, youth are exposed to proper care of a dog, local resources, and regulations regarding pet ownership strengthening their understanding of animals needs and how to integrate them into your home.

Bringing a dog into your home is a very special kind of responsibility that can be life changing, it certainly changed mine. Bosco was my first dog and was super kind to me as I learned how to be a responsible dog and understanding animal steward.  Early on, Bosco taught me patience when he would tear into every single stuffed toy in the house, including mine. Later on, Bosco taught me the gravity of being responsible for another being’s life when I had to give him daily injections of medicine to keep him healthy.  Cupcakes Classroom gives youth the skills to understand and work with animals during these experiences.

Having programs like these in Armstrong is an investment in our youth and fur community which is much loved on the Hill.

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