Update – Pippa has been found! Thank you CH Neighboorhood

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Through a community wide effort, Pippa was found this morning! Thank you to everyone who helped Pippa reunite with her family.  From sharing posts on Facebook, printing and posting flyers, walking around CH with your own pups, so many people came out to help this dog find her way back home.  THANK YOU! 

Message from Jessica

She literally came up running into my body like a little furry missile! I took her over to Fan Animal Hospital to get checked up. She is doing great! She just lost a little bit of weight, but she is fine besides a few cuts and scrapes. She also had a couple of ticks that had to be evicted. She’s currently on antibiotics for the cuts.

After we went to the vet, we went to Pet Valu for a nice tea tree and oatmeal bath for her and sister. She had a little bit to eat and drink, and now we are on our way back to Fayetteville, North Carolina! You all are amazing and I appreciate you so deeply!

Pippa is still lost somewhere and her family is terrified. Jessica has provided us with updates from her Facebook feed:

She’s a grey and white 4 yr old Pit bull.
We’re in Richmond, VA in the Churchill area off of E. Marshall. She bolted out the door. She is posted in all of the local news areas. PLEASE SHARE THIS IF YOU KNOW PEOPLE IN VA! We need for this to reach as many people as possible. Call me or text me at 704-507-8128.

EDIT 2.13.18
Possible sighting between Libby Hill and Chimborazo Park.  RACC has been called and neighbors are walking around to track her.



EDIT 2.10.18
I have checked Richmond Animal Control and Henrico Animal Control. Both have been put on alert. Her microchip has an alert on it. We have had no luck yet.


EDIT 2.10.18
Got a call from a wonderful person that described pip. Went searching on the area, but no luck. We are still searching. Thank you all so much. We are keeping our hopes up.

EDIT 2.11.18

Still nothing. Posting a $400 reward.

EDIT 2.11.18

Still nothing.

EDIT 2.11.18

Still nothing. Went back by RACC and SPCA. Nothing. Daniel and I had to head back to Fayetteville, NC. I’m going to call vets tomorrow. IF YOU SEE HER AND ARE DRIVING, SHE WILL HOP IN YOUR CAR bless her heart! She will not approach you unless you’re with other dogs. Still keeping hope.

EDIT 2.11.18

Just got the below text from someone:
“Saw a dog that looked just like Pippa being walked on Williamsburg rd, maybe a block or two east of government rd last night. Possibly a tall man in his 30’s or 40’s walking her.”

EDIT 2.12.18

Still nothing. Daniel and I are going to start calling vets, and calling all of the animal shelters (In addition to the ones we’ve visited). Diane, a board member with Carolina Adopt-A-Bulls, the rescue we got her from, is going to do the same as well as send fliers to local agencies. Please keep sharing.

Original Post:

Our dog just went bolting through the front door. Here is a picture. She will come to other dogs, but is afraid of humans. My number is 704 507 8128. Please help.

She is a gray and white Pitbull. 4 years old.




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