5 Tips to Avoid Getting Your Packages Stolen

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Some of the bigger tips we receive on a daily basis here at CHPN is people tired of having their packages stolen or lost from their front door or porches. It is a tedious and lengthy affair to recover your packages and complaining about delivery seems to get us nowhere closer to a resolution. So what to do? Do we just accept that sneaky “front porch pirates”, as some news sites call them,  will take your packages from time to time?

Let’s start by taking a look at this proud owner of new vitamins, courtesy of our neighbor Alex Van N.

26th St

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Posted by Church Hill People's News on Sunday, February 11, 2018

Two things come to my mind when watching this: one, there’s something really unsettling about a stranger rummaging through your front porch in the middle of the night. Two, this is a darn good camera! So what can you do besides throw your hands in the air and say “well this is a city and things like this happen all the time in cities!” Some of these next tips do take the convenience out of having your package delivered to your front porch, but for some of you it may give you the peace of mind you need.

Use the Smart Package Lockers or Package Delivery Locations

To avoid your Amazon packages from being taken, consider using Amazon Locker. This feature allows you to receive packages at secure locations. You find these when selecting a shipping address during the checkout process. Our closest Amazon Locker is called “Genevieve” and she’s at 2320 E Main St at Farm Fresh.

Have packages delivered to your workplace or a friend’s house

Always check your workplace’s policies, of course. And your friend sort of has to be at home too.

Install a Front Door Security Camera

  • This is a good option for surveillance but you can’t just get any camera. If you saw the video, a good resolution (at least 1080p) is needed to make a positive identification
  • Surveillance is all good, but that doesn’t prevent actual theft unless you get cameras with a built-in siren and motion sensors

This one is specific to Amazon again, but Amazon Key.

It’s not cheap ($250) but you get an indoor security camera and a smart lock.

  • Amazon authorizes the delivery
  • You get confirmation
  • You watch the delivery live or view a video clip after
  • You have to be ok and trust a delivery person having access to your home.

Lastly, completely for the future: Robot Guards!

Ok that last one is questionable. And to update you on Alex:

An officer stopped by my house Sunday morning and I let him know what happened and showed him the video. He had me email him the video and said a detective may be in touch with me this week. He said since the video is pretty high quality, they may be able to identify the individual.

(About a few days later)

I wanted to give you an update that a Richmond city detective just called and to let me know they are actively looking for the suspect and they are distributing the video to various news outlets to try to get someone to be able to identify him. He said he will keep me updated of any progress.

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