Are you missing your kitty? (All is well!)

01/27/2018 11:55 AM by

Thanks Tanya for the update!

This cat lives over here by the high rise, the cat is from the row of houses that go from tulip to 23rd st, between Burton and Venable, it gets fed at the high rise and its family feeds it well, it’s not an inside cat, but very friendly. It’s more of a community kitty for the high rise then it is ever home. Very loving fur baby tho.

From our neighbor, Michael, on the 800 block of N 25th St:

This cat has been visiting our back door the last few days.
Coat is a bit dirty, eyes and ears are very clean, appears to be well fed and doesn’t seem to be afraid of humans. Not sure if it’s an indoor cat that escaped or outdoor cat that’s visiting.
We’ve taken to calling him or her phantom

If you see this cat, let us know!



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