Let’s get this pipe fixed!

01/16/2018 3:52 PM by

This is a report from a concerned neighbor:

A water pipe at the dog park has been broken for nearly 2 weeks, wasting water (with really good pressure) and presenting a safety hazard when the water freezes, which it does almost all the time now.  The gate into the ‘big’ dog section is impassable, with or without boots, because of the ice and mud.
Numerous people have reached out to the city: to DPW, DPU, and others, including the 7th district council rep.  By all reports, no one from the city has responded and no one has fixed the problem, which is, as above, both wasteful and dangerous. A conversation with a representative at the mayor’s office this morning resulted in a promise from that office that the situation would be taken care of.  When asked, as a follow up to this complaint, how residents and taxpayers get response and/or action from city staffers at least, the Mayor’s rep stated that the situation is a known problem and that he has no answer for it except to document attempts, etc…and when all else fails, call the mayor’s office.
I didn’t tell the representative that even reaching out to the mayor doesn’t seem to work, that since Mayor Stoney’s been in place I’ve emailed him 8 times and never gotten even an acknowledgement…a situation I understand is pretty typical. 

Here’s some video from today. It’s pretty wet, folks. Let’s get this pipe fixed!

Broken Pipe

Our Chimborazo Dog Park is a little wet…

Posted by Church Hill People's News on Tuesday, January 16, 2018



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