What is up with the Church Hill Post Office? (Update)

01/14/2018 6:00 AM by

Update: Thanks crd for the update!

From NBC12:

“At present, a timeframe for reopening of the East End Post Office has not been determined,” Freda Sauter of the U.S. Postal Service corporate communications said Tuesday. “Postal Service engineers have to complete an assessment and review repairs. The Postal Service regrets any inconvenience to its customers and will work to restore operations for this office as soon as possible.”

One neighbor said last week that the closing has been “a disaster.”

Developer Josh Bilder is on top of it and waiting for the Post Office to act according to this news interview. Despite the fact the renovations and repairs have taken place in the building, the matter is “under review” as a representative from the Post Office told NBC12.

From NBC 12:

“As far as I’m concerned, the repairs have been finished,” said Bilder. “All the reports I have, the building is structurally sound. I had people go through it, and the post office had people go through it.”

Bilder said the plan was for the post office to be operating again by this past Christmas. However, he says post office representatives asked for a couple more repairs to be completed after a walkthrough last month. Bilder says those repairs were completed before the new year.

In a statement to NBC12, a post office representative said the matter is “still under review.”

Were some folks quick to an opinion without considering all the facts? Renovations, especially in Richmond, are sometimes complex and frustrating team efforts. Channel your frustration here, but remember, do your best to keep feedback civil and constructive.

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While many of you are excited to have the Post Office back, some of you are hoping for quality customer service, as long-time reader Eric H. wrote back last spring:

I visit the Colonial Heights Post Office often and it is a model of what one should be like, and is actually smaller in size. It is clean and organized. The window and counters are wide open, and the staff is very friendly and helpful. What is the issue with having the same in the East End?



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